PM 23-03-02-c: Effect of Child Support Payments (TANF)

WAG 23-03-02-c

Unreported child support payments kept by the client are used to figure an overpayment. Up to new manual material $100 per month for one child, or up to $200 for two or more children is deducted from these payments for pass through. See PM 08-01-07-f for policy on pass through payments.

Pass through payments sent in error and overpaid pass through payments that were not used to figure a cash payment are overpaid TANF benefits.

Child support payments received and kept by HFS are only used to figure an overpayment when a family is ineligible. When figuring the monthly overpayment amount for an ineligible family, deduct the current monthly amount of any child support kept by HFS minus any pass through payments sent to the client. If there is a surplus of child support paid to HFS for an ineligible family, the client may request a refund from the Division of Child Support new manual materialServices.

When an overpayment occurs and the family remains eligible, child support payments received by HFS are kept to help offset cash benefits to the family. Do not deduct child support kept by HFS or pass through received by the client from the overpayment amount if the case remains eligible.