WAG 21-06-00: SNAP Employment & Training (SNAP E&T)

PM 21-06-00.

revised manual textSNAP Employment & Training (SNAP E&T)

  1. FCRC:
    • Explains the SNAP E&T Program and components to customers. Any SNAP customer may volunteer for the program except those receiving TANF Cash. If the customer is interested in participating, completes Page 1 and signs on Page 4 of the Employment and Training Assessment (Form IL 444-5179) to refer a customer to the Office of Workforce Development.
  2.     Emails Form IL444-5179 through the respective email address below:
  3. SNAP E&T Provider:
    • If the customer is referred by the Office of Workforce Development, accepts the referral and completes the assessment in ISETS.  Engages customer in activity.
    • Completes reverse referral in ISETS.
  4. FCRC, or the Office of Workforce Development or Provider:
    • Files a copy of all notices sent to the customer and all related SNAP E&T forms and information in the Electronic Case File (ECR) and ISETS.