PM 21-05-05-c: Amount of Payment

WAG 21-05-05-c

Determine the means of transportation that is appropriate for the client and their family situation. Use the least costly means of transportation when it does not place a hardship on the family.

In the City of Chicago and other communities with public transportation, pay the actual public transportation rate per day or the cost of a monthly pass, whichever is less. Pay this rate if the person can use public transportation to attend their activities, and it is the least costly means of transportation. If more than one form of transportation must be used to reach the destination, allow the most reasonable total cost for the trip.

revised textPay the following monthly rates if the person must use their vehicle or pay someone for transportation:

Average Round trip less than 10 miles per day - $30

Average Round trip, 10 to 20 miles per day - $45

Average Round trip over 20 miles per day - $60.