PM 21-02-02: Self-Employment

WAG 21-02-02.

new textSelf-employment includes income from farming, sales, small business operation, domestic work, and providing childcare.

Hours of self-employment count toward the participation requirement as a Core activity.

Project hours of employment for the next 6 months based on information reported at application and redetermination. If a change is reported, use best estimate policy for cases that report new employment or a change in income (see PM 10-01-01). 

The projected actual hours of self-employment are based on the number of hours documented, unless the person is self-employed as a childcare provider at a rate less than the Department rate. See "Calculating Hours for Self-Employment" at PM 03-06-01-c.   

For verifying hours of self-employment, see PM 03-13-01-c and PM 03-06-01-c .

Hours of self-employment are also used to stop the TANF 60-month counter. See PM 03-06-01.