PM 20-28-02: Services

WAG 20-28-02.

Services are designed to keep clients in their homes. Services may be provided by one agency or several agencies.

  • Case management is a onetime screening and comprehensive needs assessment. Case management also coordinates services to help clients get the medical services they need.
  • Homemaker services are personal care and home management tasks to maintain or strengthen the client's functional level.
  • Chore and housekeeping services are available for household tasks or personal care for clients who cannot perform them. Services are under the supervision of the client or a relative.
  • Adult day care is the direct care and supervision of a person 60 or over for some portion of a day in a setting outside their home. Adult day care promotes social, physical, and emotional well-being. Services are obtained through DoA.
  • Home health care services include part-time nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and services provided by a home health aide. Some services are obtained through DHS - ORS.
  • Habilitation services provide health, social, and support services to promote daily living skills. Services are obtained through DHS - ODD.
  • Minor renovations to client's home include grab bars in the bathroom, ramps, or door widening. Renovations must be needed to keep a physically handicapped client in their home. Services are obtained through DHS - ODD.
  • Emergency response services pay for the rental of a device that signals for help when the client is not able to use a phone. Services are obtained through DHS - ORS.