PM 20-28-01: Application

WAG 20-28-01.

Clients apply to DoA or DHS depending on the reason they need in-home care. DoA and DHS make interagency referrals to make sure persons are served by the correct agency.

  • Persons 60 and over apply through DoA.
  • Physically disabled persons 21 to 60 apply through DHS - Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS).
  • Developmentally disabled (DD) persons 18 and over apply through DHS - Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODD). DD persons can receive services in their own or a relative's home or a DHS approved Home and Community-Based Residential Setting. Services cannot be provided to someone in a long term care facility, such as an SNF or ICF/MR.

DD persons receiving services in a Home and Community-Based Residential Setting must be eligible for assistance. Other persons applying for or receiving in-home care services do not have to be eligible for assistance. For applicants who are not clients, the Family Community Resource Center may have to supply financial information to the other state departments. For applicants who are receiving or applying for assistance, the financial information used in deciding eligibility can also be used in deciding eligibility for the In-Home Care Program.