PM 20-18-00: Drugs, Medical Supplies, and Sickroom Needs (TANF, AABD)

WAG 20-18-00.

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text deletedFor TANF and AABD, drugs that are essential to treatment are covered.

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HFS pays for generic drugs when available. When a generic drug is not available, a brand name drug is covered.

Only drugs listed in HFS's Handbook for Pharmacies or Handbook for Physicians are covered, unless the physician has prior approval. Drugs that are provided at no charge are not covered.

Medical Supplies and Sickroom Needs

text deletedFor TANF and AABD clients, medical supplies and sickroom needs that are essential to treatment are covered.

Medical supplies are things that are not durable or reusable. Examples are gauze, catheters, urinary supplies, and dietary supplements.

NOTE: Dietary supplements are liquids or powders used as the client's total food supply or as a supplement to their diet. Dietary supplements must be prescribed by a physician.

Sickroom needs are durable or reusable items. Examples are icebags, heating pads, and bedpans.

Medical supplies and sickroom needs are covered when they will help the client remain at home or shorten the time the client has to be in a hospital or nursing home. They must be ordered by a physician or dentist and must be provided to the client in their own home or a relative's home.