WAG 20-08-16: Arranging Care after Discharge from DHS Facility

  1. (DHS OMH/ODD) Decides that customer needs, and is ready for, alternate care.
  2. (CO) Provides information to help in placement.
  3. (DHS OMH/ODD) Arranges placement, involving all interested parties including the family and FCRC staff.
  4. (DHS OMH/ODD) Arranges for customer's readmission to DHS facility when needed.
  5. (DHS OMH/ODD) New textEnter revisions in the MMIS LTC subsystem. (Revised textOptional: Revise and distribute Form 2449; send original to Financial Unit and enter copy in case record.)
  6. (CO) Deleted textAdjusts a future payment to the facility to reflect the change.