PM 20-08-11: Resident Funds

WAG 20-08-11.

A client's monthly personal allowance is their personal property, to be spent or saved as they or their representative choose. If the facility (excluding an SLF) receives the client's personal allowance it must:

  • give it to the resident; or
  • place it in the client's personal account; or
  • handle it as instructed in writing by the client or their guardian or parent, if a minor.

Clients may save personal funds. If the savings accumulate to more than the asset limit, the excess must be used in the credit/spenddown calculation.

Client's personal funds can be managed by the client, their guardian, or the facility (excluding an SLF). A client's funds can be managed by the facility only after a written request from the client, the guardian, the client's representative, or a family member is obtained. The request must be witnessed by someone who does not have a financial interest in the facility. If an adult client cannot manage their funds and does not have a guardian, the facility must notify the Office of the State Guardian of the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission.