WAG 20-08-07-d: Transfer From Decertified Facility

  1. (BLTC) Notifies Department of Public Health (DPH) (HFS for SLF facilities) about:
    • Title XIX disenrollment no later than date notice is provided to facility residents,
    • names of all clients in facility, and
    • DPA's contact person.
  2. (BLTC) Notifies following of pending transfer:
    • Office of Legislation and External Affairs,
    • Office of Communications, and
    • Division of Operations.
  3. (BLTC) Gives Operations names of contact persons for DPH and BLTC.
  4. (BLTC) Assigns BLTC staff to:
    • participate in conferences with residents and their families or guardians,
    • participate in resident visits to other facilities, and
    • assist in obtaining informed consents for relocation.
  5. (BLTC) Helps DPH/HFS:
    • identify vacant beds by level of care and payor status in nearby facilities,
    • match individual residents to facilities based on resident needs and preference, and
    • get a commitment from other facilities to take residents either temporarily or permanently.
  6. (BLTC) Provides emotional support to residents during relocation.
  7. (Medical Program Administrator) Notifies Family Community Resource Center to take action to notify clients about decertification.
  8. (LOA) Along with Family Community Resource Center worker, is part of team headed by DPH or HFS to plan and carry out relocation of residents.
  9. (FCRC) Start running log of all actions, meetings, phone calls, etc.
  10. (FCRC) Identify clients in facility, using office copies of HFS 2299, Long Term Care Authorization, and HFS 2449, Long Term Care Authorization Update Document.
  11. (FCRC) Prepare HFS 2221, Notice of Move, for each client who must transfer. All HFS 2221s must be dated and issued on the same date. Do not mail HFS 2221s.
  12. (FCRC) Tell the facility when it will be visited.
  13. (FCRC) Personally distribute all HFS 2221s to clients. Do not mail HFS 2221s.
  14. (FCRC) Discuss purpose of notice with client.
  15. (FCRC) Tell client that they and their family will be involved in making the decision about a new facility.
  16. (FCRC) Explain that DHS will help, if asked.
  17. (FCRC) Explain that DHS will arrange and HFS will pay for transportation to the new facility.
  18. (FCRC) Immediately send letter of explanation to client's relative or guardian and attach a copy of HFS 2221.
  19. (FCRC) Prepare list of clients given HFS 2221s. Include on the list:
    • the client's case number,
    • recipient number,
    • date client was interviewed about transfer, and
    • if client is involved with DHS - Office of Mental Health or Office of Developmental Disabilities.
  20. (FCRC) Immediately send copy of list to Chief of Bureau of Long Term Care by either Federal Express Mail or U.S. Express Mail.
  21. (FCRC) Participate in interagency conferences arranged by DPH/HFS.
  22. (FCRC) Handle arrangements for regular modes of transportation.
  23. (FCRC) Contact BCHS for help in arranging special "mass transportation" vehicles, when needed.
  24. (FCRC) Do not issue HFS 2223, Physician's Certificate, unless asked.
  25. (FCRC) Refer inquiries from media about DHS's actions to the:
    • Office of Legislation, and
    • Office of Communications.
  26. (FCRC) Refer all other inquiries to Medical Programs Administrator.
  27. (Legislation & Communications) 00Contact DPH/HFS coordinator before responding to requests from media.