WAG 20-05-03-b: Changing Primary Care Providers

PM 20-05-03-b.

  1. (FCRC) Refer clients who wish to change primary care provider or HMO to the RRP Unit at 1-800-325-8823.
  2. (RRP Unit) Sends HFS 3052, Choice of: Primary Care Physician (Doctor) Only/Primary Care Pharmacy Only/ Both PC Physician (Doctor)/Pharmacy, to caretaker relative if request meets requirements.

If the client disenrolls from an HMO, they must select a new primary care provider. The change in provider will be shown on the next regular medical card.

  1. (RRP Unit) Sends client HFS 3052.
  2. (RRP Unit) Chooses new primary care provider for client, if client does not make a choice.