WAG 25-08-00: Approval of Benefits Using Form 552 (IPACS)

This section provides instructions on how to approve cash, medical, and/or FS benefits via IPACS, using Form 552. Cases are approved through IPACS when AIS is unavailable, or in certain case situations.

Corrective Action For Rejected Form 552 Actions

When an application registration or disposition is rejected, take immediate corrective action. Review rejected actions to determine why it was rejected. In some cases, such as "application already registered", the correct action is to stop submitting something that was already submitted. In other cases, it is only necessary to resubmit correct information to clear the mistake. In other situations, it may be necessary for the worker to review the form, and provide the correct or missing information needed to complete the action.

Registration or disposition errors must be corrected right away, but no later than 5 workdays from the time the Family Community Resource Center was advised of the error. The Financial Unit keeps the terminal paper copy and Form 552 until the Family Community Resource Center administrator is certain that the application has been both registered and disposed of, whichever comes last.