WAG 25-07-12: Adding A Person to the SNAP Household

new manual textAdd a Member to the SNAP Household

After adding new members, Eligibility must be re-run.

See PM 18-04-00 for policy regarding changes to a SNAP household.

New household members must be added to each requested program individually. Therefore, each program must be edited separately.

new manual textProcess Steps

When a customer submits a change through ABE or a paper change has been scanned through DataCap, the task is found in the EDM Inbox page by searching the Changes/Misc. queue.

For case changes submitted through ABE, the Case Change Details page appears first prior to the Initiate Data Collection page.

  1. On the Initiate Data Collection page complete the fields in the Initiate Interview section:
    1. Enter the case number next to Case or Application.
    2. Select Case Change next to "What action do you want to perform?"
    3. Click [Next]. The Case Action Confirmation page displays.
  2. Select Yes to Do you wish to continue? from the drop-down list.
    1. Click [Next]. The Pending Casework page displays, showing all New and In Progress tasks for the case
    2. Click [Next]. The Household Information page displays.
  3. From Left Navigation, select Data Collection, then Individual Information, then Program Request.
    1. The Program Request Summary page displays.
  4. Click the icon next to the program to which the individual would like to be added.
    1. The Program Request - Details page displays.
  5. Click [Next]. The Program Request - Individuals page displays.
    1. The Program Individuals - Summary section at the bottom of the page lists household individuals who may be added to the program request.
    2. The Requesting Assistance column in the Program Individuals - Summary section initially indicates NO for the new individual because they have not yet requested assistance.
    3. Do not enter information in the empty fields at the top of the Program Request - Individuals page. When the pencil icon is clicked next to an individual's name, the fields automatically pre-fill.
  6. Click the pencil icon next to the name of each individual to be added to the program request.
    1. The selected individual's information displays at the top of the Program Request - Individuals page.
  7. Complete the Individual Information section, as appropriate:
    1. Name: Displays the name of the individual selected in read-only mode.
    2. Individual #: Displays the individual number of the individual selected in read-only mode.
    3. Requesting Assistance: Select Yes if the individual is requesting the program. Otherwise, the field defaults to No.
    4. Enter the appropriate date in the Requested Program Begin Date field.
    5. Enter the appropriate date in the Individual Application Date field.
    6. Application Form Type: If this field is activated, select the type of application the individual submitted for the new program request.
    7. Complete the REP Only section, if applicable.
  8. Click [Update]
    1. The Requesting Assistance column in the Program Individuals - Summary section now indicates that the individual is requesting assistance.
    2. Repeat the process for all individuals requesting to be added to the current program.
  9. When finished, click [Next] or [Save and Continue].
    1. Complete the fields on the page and click [Next].
  10. Continue through Driver Flow to update other information, as appropriate.
  11. Re-Run Eligibility and Certify the Results.

Results of the Procedure

Recently added members of the household have been associated with new or existing program requests and Eligibility is ready to be run.