WAG 25-07-10-b: Regular Roll Action Only

When adding a person(s) beginning with the regular roll action and no IPE is required, follow the instructions in WAG 25-07-10 with the following exceptions:

NOTE: See WAG 18-05-06-a to add a person to the unit during a medical extension.

  • Item 2 - Enter the effective month and year (4-digits) of the regular action.
  • Item 80 - Authorize only monthly needs items. Code 100 is invalid.

If budgeting income causes a reduction in the monthly benefit, do not make Item 90 changes with the TA 34 or TA 42. Submit a separate TA 31 for the same effective month with the correct TAR for the budgeted income. This generates the correct central notice and calculation sheets.

The first MediPlan Card is sent with the next scheduled regular roll processing.