WAG 25-07-09-c: Temporary Addition of Adopted or Deceased Newborn

  1. To add a newborn to a case when they are being given up for adoption or when they are deceased, verify the month and year the death/adoption is to/took place and code Form 552 Item 3 with TA 34.
    1. Start medical coverage for the deceased/adopted newborn by completing Form 552 under Intake below.
  2. Process a 2nd TA 34 to delete the deceased/adopted newborn from the case for the first possible month.

Active Cash/All Kids Assist Case

  1. Enter in Item 2, the month and year (4-digits) of the newborn's birth.
  2. Code Item 3 with TA 34 to add the newborn to the case.
  3. text deletedIssue an IPE from the date of birth (or date of application for non-filing unit children), through the day before the first regular roll action. Enter the newborn's name and birthdate in Items 60 and 61. DO NOT USE "baby boy" or "baby girl". Boy or girl and the newborn's last name is sufficient. For example, Boy Jones.
  4. Complete Form 552 Items 22, 44, 62-76.
  5. Enter in Item 77 the 6-digit month, day, and year of birth. Enter 01 for the day.
  6. For cash cases, enter a dash in Item 78.text deleted 

    For All Kids Assist cases, enter 3 in Item 78.text deleted 

  7. Complete Item 79 for active All Kids Assist cases.


Authorize All Kids Assist/Moms and Babies for a child placed for adoption, or who dies, if the adoption or death occurred in the month of application or in one of the 3 months before the month of application.

  1. Open an RPY All Kids Assist/Moms and Babies case in the mother's name. See WAG 25-08-01-b to complete Form 552 with the following exceptions:
    • Item 3 - Enter TA 10.
    • Item 33 - Enter TAR 81.
    • Item 41 - Enter the last day of the month in which the child died or was placed for adoption as the ending medical eligibility date.
    • NOTE: If the child's name cannot be determined, enter "Boy" or "Girl" for the first name and the mother's last name in Item 60.
  2. If the family has income, review eligibility for spenddown (see PM 15-08-00) or MANG (P) (see PM 15-06-00).