WAG 19-07-00: Mid-Point Reporting Status (SNAP, TANF)

PM 19-07-00

  • An initial application meeting the Mid-Point Reporting criteria for the first regular roll month is in Mid-Point Reporting from the date of approval.
  • An active case is converted to Mid-Point Reporting in IES when the case meets the Mid-Point Reporting criteria in PM 19-07-01. 
  • During the approval period a Mid-Point Reporting household must:
    • For SNAP, report when the gross monthly income exceeds the household's Gross Monthly Income Standard for the household size; and
    • Complete the interim Mid-Point Report form when it is received. Must answer all questions and report any changes in circumstances related to the questions asked on the form (PM 19-07-07); and;
    • Report when a substantial lottery or gambling winning is won as a cash prize of New Manual Materialmore than $4,250 in a single game.
      • at REDE; and
      • Mid-Point Report; and
      • by the 10th calendar day of the month after the month that the income or winnings are received during the certification period.

Note: A Mid-Point Reporting household cannot wait until the Mid-Point Report or REDE to report the receipt of substantial lottery or gambling winnings. See PM 07-04-21.

A case remains in Mid-Point Reporting status until the case no longer meets the criteria to be enrolled.