WAG 25-07-05-c: GA Case

When a case is determined ineligible, cancel it using the current Form 552 (IPACS) or process it through Automated Case Management (ACM).

  1. For IPACS processing, complete Form 552 as follows:
    • Item 2 - Enter the effective month and year (4 digits).
    • Item 3 - Enter TA 22.
    • Item 4 - Enter 1.
    • Item 6 - Complete.
    • Item 33 - Enter the TAR that describes the reason for the cancellation (see WAG 27-33-03-m).
    • Item 39 - Enter the client notice code for the case situation (see WAG 27-39-02).
    • Item 44 - Complete.
    • Items 50 - 52 - Complete when it applies.
    • Other Form 552 items can be added, changed, or deleted when processing the cancellation.
  2. Send the case to closed files.

    Before sending a NERF case record to closed files, 

    • remove the entire contents, forms and section dividers, from the pocket file; and
    • bind the contents together with a rubber band and place in a manila folder.

Client Notices

When a cancellation is processed, Form 157C or Form 157NC is centrally generated unless suppressed in Item 39.

If a client files an appeal on or before the date of change, or within 10 days of the date of notice, whichever is later, restore benefits to the previous level pending the appeal decision, unless the client requests that benefits not be continued at the previous level (see WAG 01-07-04.)

Actions on Food Stamps when a GA Case is Canceled

If GA and Food Stamps are ineligible for the same reason, enter code 00 in Item 39. The system centrally mails the cancellation notice, using the same cancellation reason message for both programs.

If GA and Food Stamps are ineligible for different reasons, enter the TAR and client notice code that fits the case situation (see WAG 27-33-03-m and WAG 27-39-02).

When a GA case is ineligible, and the food stamp case is not ineligible, determine ongoing eligibility for food stamps before you cancel the GA case (see PM 18-04-12).

  • If a one-month extension is required, send a Notice of Expiration (Form 1979) to the client. When processing the GA cancellation, enter code 91 in Item 39 to suppress the food stamp cancellation notice.
  • If a Category 08 case is opened and food stamps are reduced, enter code 91 in Item 39 for the GA cancellation action, which suppresses the food stamp notice. The caseworker sends the food stamp notice.