WAG 19-06-02-c: Code S

This code identifies a case with a person(s) who does not have an SSN listed in Item 60 of Form 552 and a TA 11, TA 12, or TA 34 was not entered in the last 2 processing months. See PM 03-11-00 regarding SSNs.

Casework Action

  1. If known, enter the person's SSN in Item 60.
  2. If the person has no SSN and there is no proof that an application for an SSN has been made, refer the person to the local SSA office to complete the application process.
  3. Record the action taken on revise textForm 514 in ACM and/or SNAP Eligibility Worksheet (Form 683B). add textSave the Form 514 in ACM to Content Management.  File Form 683B in the record.
  4. If the client has provided proof that an application for an SSN has been made and the number has not been received, no further action is required.
  5. When the missing SSN is entered in Item 60 on Form 552, the case no longer appears on the PAL as S.