WAG 19-06-01-e: Code E

This code lists for categories 04 and 06. It identifies cases that have an exception to the TANF 60-month limit due for review. The code selects for the month prior to the month listed with Item 80 code 683 EXCPT.

For example, a case with a code 683 date of 10/02 will appear on the 09/02 list. It appears as overdue 2 months after the code 683 date and every other month thereafter until the date is revised or code 683 is removed.

Casework Action

  1. Review the case to determine if there has been a significant change since the exception was last approved.
  2. Obtain whatever information and verification are needed to determine if the same or any other exception reason applies.
  3. Complete Exception Request Summary (Form 4692). Include the 4-digit date the review is due, any new information about the case, and your recommendation.
  4. Obtain the signature of the Family Community Resource Center administrator or their designee.
  5. Send Form 4692 and verifications, plus the preceding Form 4692, to DHS Division of Transitional Services, 100 South Grand Avenue East, Springfield, IL 62762.
  6. (Central Office) Makes a decision and completes the last section of Form 4692.
  7. (Central Office) Faxes Form 4692 to the Family Community Resource Center.
  8. (Family Community Resource Center) Take appropriate action based on the DTS decision.
    1. If the exception continues, enter the new exception review date (4-digit MM/YY) in Item 80 code 683 EXCPT. (The date entered cannot be more than 12 months after the effective month.) If the exception reason has changed, change the exception code in Item 60.
    2. If the client no longer qualifies for an exception:
      • Notify the client by completing and sending Your Time Limit Exception Ends (Form 4699).
      • Remove the exception code from Item 60 and code 683 from Item 80 for the first possible month.
      • Meet with the client and revise the Responsibility and Services Plan. Add activities and steps designed to help the family become self-supporting within 3 months.

The case no longer appears as code E when the code 683 date is at least 2 months after the effective month or code 683 is deleted.