WAG 19-04-03-b: SNAP

Restoring Reduced Benefits

Authorize a Mercury issuance to restore reduced SNAP to their previous amount. Delete text

Processing Via IPACS

  1. Complete the Form 552 as follows:
    • Item 2 -Enter the 4-digit date of the regular roll action.
    • Item 3 -Enter TA 12.
    • Item 4 -Enter 6.
    • Item 8 -Enter Name.
    • Items 9, 10 -Enter Address, if needed.
    • Item 33 -Enter TAR 98.
    • Item 62 -Relationship/Payee Indicator: Enter 02 if the payee receives SNAP on this Form 552. This includes a person disqualified due to an IPV conviction. Enter 25 if the payee does not receive SNAP on this Form 552. (This does apply to TA 12/TAR 98 actions.)

      NOTE: Use of TA 12/TAR 98 recalls all Form 552 data on file at the time of cancellation (Item 24, etc.). If reporting completion of a SNAP REDE and there are no changes other than the update of Item 24, process the action and the REDE as one transaction.

  2. If SNAP are restored after cut-off for the month of cancellation:
    • Process TA 12/TAR 98 for the current processing month.
    • Issue Mercury benefits.

      TA 12/TAR 98 must be processed first for the system to retain the information on file at the time of cancellation.

      Use TA 56/TAR 14, One Month Extension/Restore Assistance, to issue Mercury benefits. Be sure to process the regular roll action before the Mercury issuance.

    • new textRefer to WAG 23-01-02-b regarding the required steps to follow if it is necessary to authorize benefits for a past month, other than first month of an approval period.   

      NOTE: Issuing Mercury benefits erases the system's memory and the TA 12/TAR 98 action will reject. When a Mercury action is required, do it after the regular roll action. 

  3. If necessary, make an address change with TA 12/TAR 98. Make any other changes after benefits are restored.

Processing Via ACM

  1. (FCRC) To restore SNAP to a canceled case with no change:
    • access the ACM Menu;
    • select Item 1 - Coding/Calculations/Changes;
    • enter case ID number and press the Return key.
  2. (System) Displays the Additional Entry screen upon completion of the ACM menu. The following data is displayed:
    • Case name and caseload number.
    • An N response to Display of Calculation screens.
  3. (FCRC) Enter an A in the field listed as (Process/Cancel/Suspend/Resume/Restore without Calculations). If issuing a Mercury, enter begin date in the prorated resumption field.

    This will restore the case without calculations. Entry of the current address is required.

    Entry of Item 24 is required. 

  4. (System) Produces a regular roll issuance beginning with the effective month.
  5. (System) Upon entry of all appropriate data, press the Return key to access the Actions to be Taken screen.
  6. (System) Displays Option 10. TAR 98 will be displayed in Item 33.
  7. (FCRC) Press the Return key to continue to process the transaction. The system will display the 2nd Party Review screen.
  8. (FCRC) Review the data on the Second Party Review screen for correctness only. If the information is not correct, press F1 to cancel the transaction. Press the F2 for second screen. Press F23 to complete the transaction if the information is correct as shown.
  9. (System) 9. Displays a screen, Processing Restored Benefits, at the end if the case is eligible for a SNAP Mercury issuance.

    The effective Month of Regular Roll Issuance is displayed.

    (FCRC) If a begin date was entered on the Additional Entry screen in the prorated resumption field, the following question appears to issue Mercury benefits:

    Are you restoring due to client cooperation? Y_N_.

    If Yes, enter the 6-digit date of cooperation for the SNAP benefits to be prorated from the date of cooperation.

    To generate Mercury SNAP benefits, enter a Y to answer Yes and an N to answer No. You cannot change the amount of benefits that is displayed by the system. If you need to issue a different amount, answer the question with an N and process a separate transaction via IPACS to issue the correct SNAP benefits.