WAG 19-04-03-a: Cash

Processing Via IPACS

If a manual calculation of an IPE is required, process the action via IPACS.

  1. To authorize:
    • register the case as if a reapplication were made; then
    • use TA 12/TAR 98. For sanctioned cases, use TA 12/TAR 92.
    1. On TA 12/TAR 98 actions, only Items 2, 8, 9, 10, and 77 must be entered. For TA 12/TAR 92, all items must be entered.
    2. If reporting completion of a REDE at the same time and there are no changes, enter the following information: Item 24 (if completing a SNAP REDE), Item 30, and Item 44 (the first position of Item 44 must be coded B, F, or R).
  2. revised textMake sure that the correct amount of benefits is given when restoring after cut-off for the month of cancellation. Make an exception to central prorate if restoring after 10 workdays from the availability date but prior to the end of the fiscal month of cancellation.  With TA 12/TAR 98, only the address can be changed. Make any other changes after assistance has been restored.

Processing Via ACM

  1. (FCRC) To process with no change:
    • Access the ACM Menu.
    • Select Item 1 - Coding/Calculations/Changes.
    • Enter case ID number and press return.
  2. (System) Displays the Authorizing Restored Assistance (Cash/SNAP) Additional Entry Screen upon completion of the ACM menu. The following data is displayed:
    • Case name and caseload number.
    • An N response to Display of Calculation Screens.
  3. (FCRC) Enter an A in the field listed as (Process/Cancel/Suspend/Resume/Restore without Calculations) to restore assistance without calculations. Entry of the address is required when restoring assistance.
  4. (System) Produces a regular roll check beginning with the effective month of the entry processed with a 4-digit date.

    Produces a prorated Mercury check for cases processed with a 6-digit date and determines the amount of the check beginning with the date entered up to and including the day before the start of the processing month. 

  5. (FCRC) Upon entry of all appropriate data, press the Return key to access the Actions to be Taken screen.
  6. (FCRC) From the Actions to be Taken screen, select Option 10.

    Option 10 is displayed by the system when assistance is restored. TAR 98 is displayed in Box 33. Box 77 is a required entry. 

  7. (FCRC) Press the Return key to continue to process the transaction. The system displays the 2nd Party Review screen.
  8. (FCRC) Review the data on the Second Party Review screen for correctness only. If the information is not correct, press F1 to cancel the transaction. Press the Return key to complete the screen if the information is correct as shown.
  9. (System) If SNAP benefits are authorized on the Cash case, displays the Restore Processing screen if the case is eligible for a SNAP Mercury issuance.

    Shows the amount of the last SNAP issued on the regular roll as the Mercury issuance.

    Displays the: 

    • effective month of regular roll issuance;
    • effective month of SNAP Mercury issuance; and
    • amount of SNAP Mercury issuance.

      (FCRC) To issue SNAP via Mercury, answer the following question:

      Are you restoring due to client cooperation? Y_N_.

      If Yes, enter the 6-digit date of cooperation for the SNAP benefits to be prorated from the date of cooperation.

      To generate Mercury SNAP benefits, enter a Y to answer Yes and an N to answer No. You cannot change the amount of benefits that is displayed by the system. If you need to issue a different amount, answer the question with an N and process a separate transaction via IPACS to issue the correct SNAP benefits. 

Other Actions That May Be Needed for Cases Restored After Cut-Off for the Month of Cancellation

When assistance is restored after cut-off, the case does not appear on the regular roll for the month of cancellation. Neither the Redetermination Application (Form 4765), normally sent for the prior month, nor the TANF Eligibility Information (Form 4002), normally sent for that month, will be centrally sent.

  1. Send the client a Form 1721 and a Form 4765 (mail-in EZ REDE) or Form 4002 (face-to-face REDE). See PM 19-02-00 for face-to-face REDEs and PM 19-07-04-a for mail-in REDE. The EZ REDE report period is the fiscal month before the month of cancellation (e.g., August).
  2. Set a control for the return of the form. Take appropriate action if the form is not returned.

Example: Mrs. A (Group 01) is cancelled for September on 08/12. The availability date is 09/03. On 09/01, Mrs. A files an appeal. The case is restored back to 09/01 using TA 12/TAR 98. The action is effective for the regular roll month of October.

Mrs. A receives SNAP and the case was in EZ REDE status. Item 24 was listed as September.

Issue the client Form 4765 to report income and circumstances for the month of August. Set a control for the return of the form.