WAG 19-04-03: Authorizing Restored Assistance (Cash/SNAP)

PM 19-04-03

For cash, restore assistance without a loss in benefits when the client cooperates within the 10 workday period.

revised textFor cash assistance, if the client cooperates after 10 workdays but prior to the end of the fiscal month benefits were reduced or cancelled, restore assistance effective the date of cooperation.  Prorate benefits from the date of cooperation. Budget any non-exempt income as if no break in benefits occurred.

revised textFor SNAP, prorate from the date of cooperation if benefits were cancelled due to failure to cooperate and the client cooperates before the end of the fiscal month of cancellation.

revised textExample: Ms. A failed to respond to Form 1721A, Instructions to Recipient - New Hire. Form 157C was sent to cancel the Group 01 TANF/SNAP case effective June. Ms. A contacted the office on June 4th and explained that she lost her job May 26. Restore Ms. A's TANF effective June 1 because she cooperated within the 10 workdays.  Her SNAP benefits for June are restored and prorated from June 4th, the date Ms. A cooperated.

TA 12/TAR 98

For TA 12/TAR 98 actions, the turnaround Form 552 has the same entries that were on the case when it was cancelled, including:

  • Item 24, SNAP Approval/Expiration Date
  • Item 30, REDE Date
  • Item 31, Last Opening Date
  • Item 80, code 643 REDE (applies only to TANF cash).
  1. Restore both Cash and SNAP to their prior level (except when you change sanction status with TA 12/TAR 92). Make sure duplicate SNAP benefits are not issued. This could occur when a one-month extension or a separate SNAP Only case was set up after cancellation.
  2. Complete any coding not done on a cancelled case (e.g., clearing a PAL code) after benefits have been restored.