PM 19-04-01: Restoring Assistance Due to Error, Appeal, or Spenddown Not Met

WAG 19-04-01.

Restore assistance with no loss in benefits when:

  • benefits were canceled or reduced in error; or
  • an appeal is filed by the "Date of Change" or within 10 days of the Date of Notice, whichever is later, unless the client requests benefits not be kept at the old amount; or
  • a case was canceled because spenddown was not met in one of the last 3 months and the case is eligible to be enrolled in spenddown.

Restore assistance back to the first day of the fiscal month of cancellation or reduction, regardless of the length of time which has passed since the original action was taken.

Only require that an application be completed if restoring assistance for a person whose case was canceled due to not meeting spenddown.

For cases canceled because spenddown has not been met in one of the last 3 months, spenddown must be met for one of the months in the new enrollment period or the person must be on a waiting list for a transplant.