PM 19-03-07: Untimely SNAP REDE Application

WAG 19-03-07.

a SNAP unit that fails to submit a timely application for a SNAP REDE loses its right to timely ongoing benefits.

A decision on an untimely SNAP REDE application must be made within 30 days (see PM 17-01-01). Provide the unit with a decision of eligibility. If eligible, provide benefits within 30 calendar days of the date of application.

Verify questionable information. See PM 02-07-04 for treatment of questionable information.

When a SNAP REDE application is filed after the last day of the previous approval period, except for migrant SNAP units, prorate benefits from the date of application.

If a migrant SNAP unit files a SNAP REDE application during the month after the end of the previous approval period, do not prorate benefits from the date of application. Issue a full month's benefit for the month of application.

Deny a SNAP REDE application if the SNAP unit:

  • refuses to cooperate in the SNAP REDE process; or
  • fails to provide requested verifications within 10 calendar days from the date of request.

If the applicant fails to appear for the scheduled interview, deny the application on the next workday following the day of the scheduled interview. Do not schedule another interview unless requested by the unit.