PM 19-03-06-b: Interviews

WAG 19-03-06-b

Schedule an interview for all REDEs when a SNAP household files its REDE application.

 If the SNAP REDE is completed at the same time as a REDE for cash benefits, a separate interview does not have to be scheduled.

NOTE: The local office may schedule an interview before the application is filed if the household has received its Notice of Expiration of Certification. Do not deny or cancel benefits if the household fails to appear for an interview that is scheduled before a REDE application is filed.

If the SNAP REDE applicant fails to appear for the scheduled interview:

  • deny the application on the next workday following the day of the scheduled interview, and
  • do not schedule another interview unless requested by the unit.

If the SNAP household requests another interview and appears for the interview by the 30th day following the end of the approval period, reopen the application; see PM 19-03-08.

If there are missing verifications, issue a written request to the SNAP household. Allow the SNAP household 10 calendar days from the date of the local office request to provide the required verifications.

If the SNAP household does not provide the required information (except for proof of expenses) by the 10th calendar day, deny the SNAP REDE application on the first workday after the 10th calendar day. 

A SNAP household may choose to waive the office interview (see PM 02-06-01-b). If the office interview is waived, the local office must conduct a telephone interview or home visit.