PM 19-03-04: Verifications

WAG 19-03-04

  • Allow the customer 10 calendar days from the date of the local office request to provide the required verifications. If the 10th day is not a workday, the last day is the first workday following the 10th calendar day.
  • If the customer does not provide the required information (except for proof of expenses) by the 10th calendar day, deny the SNAP REDE application on the first workday after the 10th day.
  • new manual textThe gross monthly income of the SNAP household must be verified before an application for SNAP can be denied for income being over the income standard for the household size (WAG 13-01-01-a). A SNAP application cannot be denied based solely on the applicant's statement of the household's income.
  • If the customer does not provide proof of an expense for which verification is required, approve the SNAP REDE application without allowing a deduction for the expense. Document why the expense was not allowed. For housing costs,verification is not required. Accept the customer's statement of the amount of their housing costs (rent, mortgage, property taxes, state and local assessments, and homeowner's insurance).

Note: SNAP units entitled to the Standard Medical Deduction remain eligible for the deduction if they state that their medical expenses continue to exceed $35.  Do not verify expenses exceed $35 unless their statement is questionable.

  • If the SNAP household provides the required information within 30 days of the end of the current approval period, reopen the application. See PM 19-03-08.
  • If the SNAP household is eligible, approve the application so the SNAP unit receives its benefits within:
    • 30 calendar days after the date of application, or
    • 10 days after the date the unit provides the information, whichever is later.

At each SNAP REDE, verify:

  • income, if the source has changed, or the amount has changed by more than Revised Manual Text$125. See PM 13-02-03, Best Estimate, to determine the income to use. For Mid-Point Reporting cases, verify earnings.
  • medical expenses of a qualifying member if the SNAP household chooses to use actual medical expenses instead of the Standard Medical Deduction, or if the expense is newly reported;
  • a change in child support payments if someone in the SNAP household claims the child support deduction;
  • change in assets for (noncategorical eligible SNAP units PM 07-04-01), if the reported change exceeds the asset limit;
  • newly reported social security numbers (SSN);
  • that persons who have to meet the SNAP work requirement expect to meet the work requirement;
  • financial management when SNAP related expenses exceed known income and assets (see PM 02-07-03-l);
  • other questionable or inconsistent information.

NOTE: Complete a Wage Verification System (AWVS) clearance for all unit members if benefits are approved only on the Mercury rolls or the case is in Mid-Point Reporting. If a person has multiple SSNs, complete an AWVS on each number.

new manual textAccepting Verifications via the Customer's Cell Phone

  • Documentary evidence is used as the primary source of verification when possible. Documentary evidence is the actual item itself, such as a driver's license or paystubs. When a customer is claiming not to have the actual item, the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) must accept any reasonable documentary evidence provided by the household that adequately proves the statements on the application and can be identified as belonging to customer.