WAG 19-02-01-a: No Earned Income Present

PM 19-02-01-a

New Manual MaterialIES Phase 2 Process

New Manual Text

Form 1893 Medical, SNAP and Cash Redetermination Notice is generated by IES when a redetermination of benefits is due.  Questions pertaining to cash and medical assistance will appear on the dynamic

Form 1893 Medical, SNAP and Cash Redetermination Notice.  If SNAP benefits are received on the same case, questions pertaining to SNAP will appear.  IES sends the form in English or Spanish, which ever is appropriate. 

When the customer completes and returns the Form 1893 Medical, SNAP and Cash Redetermination Notice, it is scanned and uploaded to the REDE Interview Required queue in the EDM Inbox.  Schedule a face-to face-interview with the customer using the IES Scheduling Module.  When the customer is interviewed, the worker claims the redetermination from the queue.  Use electronic clearances before requesting verification from the customer.  If all needed proofs are provided, either by the individual or through an electronic source, process the redetermination in IES.  See WAG 19-02-01-d for additional instructions on completing a REDE.

Revised Manual MaterialLegacy System Process (ACM and IPACS)

Revised Manual Test

The system sends the client Form 4002C, TANF Eligibility Information. The form is mailed in the 12th month following the month of the last opening date of the case.  For example, if the last opening date is 12/15, a REDE form is sent every December. 

If Item 21 of Form 552 is coded 02 or 04, the client is sent the Spanish version.

If Item 21 of Form 552 is coded other than 02 or 04, the client is sent the English version.

If the client does not return Form 4002C, TANF Eligibility Information, by the due date, send another Form 4002c, TANF Eligibility Information, to the client with a due date. If the client fails to return the REDE form and the case has been active for at least 12 months and a REDE has not been completed within the last 12 months, cancel the case using TAR 87. Otherwise, put the case in zero grant status using TA 31/TAR 35 and zero grant reason 2.

If the case has SNAP, determine eligibility for SNAP (see PM 18-04-11 and WAG 18-04-11). SNAP will continue to be authorized on the zero grant case. Do not increase SNAP benefits as a result of the decrease in the TANF benefits, because the cash benefits are being discontinued due to failure to comply with a cash program requirement.

The system will centrally budget the amount of the cash benefit reduction as code 512 to make sure that the SNAP benefits do not increase due to the reduction in the cash benefits. If TANF benefits are budgeted as code 658, these codes will be centrally removed when code 512 is added.