WAG 18-07-01: Central Address Change and Housing Cost Unknown

PM 18-07-01

When a central change of address is processed, or the FCRC learns about a change of address, but has no information on housing costs, the address is changed as follows:

  1. (Central Unit or FCRC) Changes address using TA 31/TAR 42 and updates Item 53 as appropriate. 
  2. (System) Posts code 665 ADR in Item 80 of Form 552, and:
  • posts date that is the 14th day after entry date of TA 31/TAR 42, in PERSONS column of code 665;
  • posts a letter code indicating who processed the change in SUP. BY column of code 665:
    • C -Child Support
    • revised textE - EBT Illinois Link Helpline
    • H -HFS Health Benefits and All Kids Hotline
    • L -FCRC
    • M -U.S. Postal Service (National Change of Address) Data
    • O -Bureau of Customer Support and Services
    • P -Work and Training (Bureau of Employability Services or Teen Parent Services contractual staff)

3. (System) generates Form 552 that shows:

  • A TA 31/TAR 42 authorization;
  • new address;
  • Needs Code 665; and
  • message in Item 93 (Special Messages): Address Centrally Corrected. Check for Accuracy.

4. (FCRC) Make the change in housing costs if the unit later reports the expense (see PM 18-04-00).  If a change in the expense is not reported, leave Item 80 Code 345 and Code 349 as they are until the next REDE.