WAG 18-05-11-c: Change Person in Spenddown to Moms and Babies or Assist

When the status of a person in a spenddown case needs to be changed to All Kids Assist or Moms and Babies:

  1. Complete Form 552:
    • Item 2 -Enter the current processing month and year.
    • Item 3 -Enter 31.
    • Item 33 -Enter 61.
    • Item 44 -See WAG 27-44-00.
    • Item 77 -Enter the first day of the month in the enrollment period the person is eligible for All Kids Assist or Moms and Babies.
    • Item 78 -Enter the appropriate indicator (see WAG 27-78-00).
    • Item 80 -Enter the appropriate Countable Income code (see WAG 27-80-01).
  2. Document the action taken in the case record.
  3. Send Form 2434D to the family.