WAG 18-05-11-b: Change Case from Spenddown to All Kids Assist or All Kids Moms and Babies

  1. Complete Form 552:
    • Item 2 -Enter the current processing month and year.
    • Item 3 -Enter 31.
    • Item 33 -Enter 61.
    • Item 44 -See WAG 27-44-00.
    • Item 60 -For persons eligible for Moms and Babies, enter the EDD.
    • Item 77 -Enter the first day of the month that the case is eligible for Moms and Babies or All Kids Assist.
    • Item 78 -Enter the appropriate indicator (see WAG 27-78-00).
    • Item 80 -Delete code 158 CI and code 390 SPD in Item 80. Add the appropriate Countable Income code (see WAG 27-80-01).
      • NOTE: If everyone in a case is coded B or P in Item 78 and code 390 SPD is not deleted, the case appears on the Batch Exception Listing with the following message:
      • Item 78 contains a B or P for all case members. Item 80 contains a code 390 SPD. Delete code 390 SPD if all case members are All Kids Assist or Moms and Babies eligible. 
  2. Document the action taken in the case record.
  3. Send Form 23434D to the family.