PM 18-05-07: Maintaining Extended Medical

WAG 18-05-07

revised textUnder IES Phase 2, cases with Medical Extension (ME) EDGs are maintained by the Family Community Resource Centers (FCRC). Prior to IES Phase 2, ME was maintained by the central Medical Extension Unit (MEU).

Any person who moves into the home after the ME begins or anyone who could have been included in the TANF or revised textin a Family Assist EDG, on the IES case can be added to the medical extension if a written request is received. deleted text

new textA family no longer qualifies for extended medical if they no longer have a dependent child under age 18 in the home.

new textA family can receive extended medical up to 12 months when the reason they qualify is due to new or increased earnings. They qualify for the first 6 months without an income limit. Then they can receive an additional 6 months if they:

  • complete and return all required review forms per PM 18-05-07-b,
  • still have a child under age 18 at home who was included in the first 6-month extension,
  • have earnings that are less than 185% of the federal poverty level using MAGI budgeting policy (see PM 15-06-01-f and PM 15-06-01-g), and
  • have not quit work without good cause per PM 18-05-07-c.

If the extended medical ends during the 12-month period, any person under age 19 remains eligible under Continuous Eligibility per PM 18-05-01.

new textSee WAG 25-03-02(4) for the ME income standard amounts (185% of the FPL).