WAG 18-05-06-a: Authorizing Extended Medical on a TANF Case

Entire Case Canceled

  1. (FCRC) If the client has a new third party resource, enter the correct TPL code in Item 79 by processing a separate Form 552 change action (TA 31). Report the new TPL resource by completing and processing Health Insurance Report Form (Form 1442) (see WAG 26-03-01).

    NOTE: If the client cannot provide insurance information, send Request for Health Insurance Verification (Form 266TPL) to the employer. 

  2. (FCRC) Complete a separate Form 552 as follows to cancel the case:
    • Items 2-4 -Complete.
    • Items 9-10 -Complete if there has been a change of address.
    • Item 33 -revised textUse TAR 14, 21, 57 or 58.
    • Item 36 -Complete when applicable.
    • Item 39 -revised textIf using TAR 14 or 21 and FS are reduced or canceled, enter 90 or 91 to suppress the central notice.
    • Item 44 -Complete.
    • Items 50-52 -Complete when applicable.
    • Item 77 -Enter the first month when the case should have been canceled.
      • NOTE: This date may be a date before the month of cancellation. For example, Mr. J's case was ineligible beginning with November and canceled effective December. Enter 11-14 as the first 4 digits in Item 77 of Form 552.
    • Item 80 -Complete when applicable.
    • Item 90 -Complete.
  3. (System) For extensions due to Earned Income: If not suppressed, sends the client Notice of Change (Form 157C) to tell them that the medical extension ends on the last day of the 6th month of the extension. The form tells the client:
    • You and your family may be eligible to receive medical assistance for up to 6 more months following the date listed above. When you receive a report form in the mail, you must complete and return the form in order to continue to receive medical assistance.
  4. new text(System) For extensions due to Spousal Support: If not suppressed, sends the client Notice of Change (Form 157C) to tell them that for adults, the medical extension ends on the last day of the 4th month of the extension, and that children may qualify for the extension for up to 12 months. The form tells the client:

    • Before these dates, you will receive a renewal form in the mail. You must complete and return the form for us to determine if you or your children continue to qualify for medical benefits.
  5. (System) Centrally SWAPs the case to 94 or 96 and enters code X in Item 25.

SNAP Procedures

(FCRC) If eligibility for SNAP continues when processing a revised textTA 22/TAR 14 or TAR 21 to cancel TANF due to earnings or revised textspousal support, the SNAP transfer to the 94 or 96 case as  Transitional SNAP (TSNAP) benefits if there is at least month left in the SNAP approval period (Item 24). 

When using revised textTAR 14 or TAR 21, update the entries in Item 80, and Item 90, so the correct amount of SNAP benefits is issued. Do this on the TA 22 action.

(System) When using revised textTAR 14 or TAR 21, calculates TSNAP benefits amount, deletes regular SNAP codes and enters Item 80 code 172, so that TSNAP benefits is issued. System sends Action Taken On Your SNAP Benefits Notice of Eligibility for Transitional SNAP Benefits (Form 4101).

(System) Action can be taken to cancel the cash case anytime during the month. The cash and medical submittal months do not have to be the same. If the medical submittal month is the month after the cash cancellation submittal month when revised textTA 22/TAR 14 or TAR 21 is processed:

  • Mercury SNAP for the month of the cash cancellation are centrally issued using TA 56/TAR 72 under the 94 or 96 case number; and
  • recoupment is not deducted from the amount of the Mercury benefits; and
  • the Mercury SNAP benefits will be issued on the first availability date of  Group 01.

The system centrally updates coding on the case on the 94 or 96 case as follows:

  • Item 20 - changed to 16
  • Item 35 - changed to 9
  • Item 60 - Work & Training Codes deleted
  • Item 68 - changed to dash
  • Item 73 - if other than a dash or a 2, changed to a 1
  • Item 78 - updated

For TA 10 and TA 45 transactions, SNAP benefits do not continue to be authorized on the centrally SWAPped case.


  • For TA 10, set up a category 08 case. Add the SNAP benefits to the medical extension case after the 94 or 96 case has been set up by the system. Cancel the 08 case.
  • If the family remains eligible for FS benefits, use a TA 40 instead of TA 45. Then use the revised textTA 22/TAR 14 or TAR 21 to authorize the extended medical case. The SNAP benefits will then continue on the centrally SWAPped 94 or 96 case. If SNAP benefits are reduced or canceled, suppress the central notice and issue a manual notice.

Medical Extension When Some of the Unit Members Remain Eligible

To give a medical extension to one or more unit members who are ineligible when other members remain eligible for cash, take the following actions:

  1. Delete the person(s) who remains eligible from the case to be canceled with the extension (Items 60-79).
  2. Establish a new case for the person(s) removed from the original case. Register the case (TA 02) with a new basic number.
  3. Record on Form 514 what is being done to the case and the reason. Cross-reference the cases.
  4. Cancel the original case (with the still eligible person(s) removed) and a medical extension will be authorized for it.

Example: Mr. J and his child and Mrs. J and her 2 children are included in a TANF case. Mr. J starts to work and earns enough to make the family ineligible. Budgeting stepparent liability the children and Mrs. J continue to be eligible in a separate case. Delete Mrs. J and her 2 children and establish a case in her name. Cancel the case with Mr. J and his child to provide them the medical extension.