WAG 18-05-03: Income of Family Health Spenddown Decreases Below Assist Standard

PM 18-05-03.

Instructions on completing Form 552 to change a case from spenddown to Assist are in WAG 18-05-12.

Example: The I family is receiving Family Health Spenddown. On 11/03/02 the worker determines that countable income fell below the All Kids Assist Standard in 10/02. Income is still above the FamilyCare Assist Standard.

Leave each person age 19 and over in Family Health Spenddown, if spenddown is met. Code each person under age 19 as All Kids Assist eligible.

The Last Medicaid Determination Date is 11/2002. All persons under age 19 remain Medicaid eligible through 11/30/03, regardless of changes in income.