WAG 18-04-12-d: Ineligible Noncitizen - Cash or Medical Case

To delete an ineligible noncitizen from FS when they remain active on the Form 552 for Medical or cash, code Form 552 as follows:

  • Item 2 -Enter the effective month and year.
  • Item 3 -Enter TA 31.
  • Item 4 -Enter 1.
  • Item 14 -Enter number of people in the FS unit. This includes all eligible, excluded, and sanctioned members.
  • Item 15 -Enter 5.
  • Item 23 -Reduce the entry by the number of persons ineligible.
  • Item 33 -Enter TAR 72.
  • Item 39 -Enter 90 to suppress the central notice for both cash and FS, or code 91 to send a notice for cash and suppress the FS notice.
    • NOTE: On the locally issued FS notice (Form 157), enter the following message:
    • x__________x has been deleted from your food stamp household because he/she does not meet the citizen/alien requirements. PM 03-01
    • x__________x ha sido quitado de su hogar de sellos de comida porque el/ella no reune los requisitos de ciudadania/extranjero. PM 03-01
  • Item 44 -Complete.