WAG 18-04-11-b: Insufficient Information to Determine Eligibility for SNAP

PM 18-04-11-b.

  1. If there is insufficient information available to determine SNAP eligibility, send Instructions to Client for Redetermination of Eligibility (Form 1721). Allow 10 calendar days for the return of the information.
  2. After the 10-day period expires, discontinue SNAP if the unit does not provide the verification or cooperate in obtaining the verification. Send Form 157 to discontinue SNAP for the first month after expiration of the 10-day timely notice period. Use the following reason: "Your benefits are being canceled because you failed to provide the requested information/verification as requested in our notice dated ____________. PM 18-04" "Sus beneficios han sido cancelados porque usted no entregó la información/verificación que se le pidió en el aviso fechado el ."
  3. If the information is returned and eligibility for SNAP continues, authorize benefits as an 08 case (see WAG 25-08-04).
    1. Complete Item 24 of Form 552. Enter the last month and year of the current approval period.
  4. Authorize mercury SNAP for the month of the cash or medical cancellation when information to determine eligibility is pending or benefits cannot be discontinued due to timely notice requirements.

    NOTE: This procedure also applies when the client provides the information, but benefits cannot be continued on the regular roll because only one month remains in the approval period. If needed, a second month's Mercury benefits can be issued using TA 56/TAR 14.

    Complete a blank Form 552 with the following: 

    • Item 1 -Enter Case ID number.
    • Item 2 - Enter effective date. This must be the same as the effective month of the regular roll cash or medical cancellation.
    • Item 3 -Enter TA 56.
    • Item 4 - Enter 7.
    • Items 5, 6 -Complete.
    • Item 8 -Complete.
    • Items 9, 10 -Enter address if the benefit unit's address changed.
    • Items 22, 23 -Complete.
    • Item 33 -Enter TAR 14 if the case received SNAP on the regular rolls for the month before cancellation or PE denial. Enter TAR 06 if the case received SNAP on the mercury rolls for the month before cancellation or PE denial.
    • Item 38 -Enter the same benefit amount issued the previous month.
    1. Submit Form 552 to assure issuance on or about the benefit unit's normal benefit availability date.

Example: Ms. C receives 94 medical assistance and SNAP for herself and her daughter. On 10/17, you receive a message that Ms. C called and requested cancellation of her medical assistance because her 17 year-old daughter moved out of the home. Ms. C also reported that she got a part-time job and that she wanted to keep getting  SNAP. The date of report (10/17) is Group 22 cut-off for November. You are unable to contact Ms. C for the information about her job. You take the following action: cancel the 94 case; send Form 1721 requesting information about the job due 10/29; calculate food stamps for one person for November; send Form 157 about the reduction in SNAP. On October 30, Ms. C did not return the information about the job that was requested on Form 1721. You take the following action: issue November SNAP benefits using TA 56/TAR 14 on the 94 case number and send Form 157 to discontinue SNAP effective December.