PM 18-04-05: Family Community Resource Center Duties Regarding Changes

WAG 18-04-05

Change Reporting SNAP Household

  • revised manual textA SNAP household that does not meet the criteria to be in Mid-Point Reporting (PM 19-07-01) is in Change Reporting status. Change Reporting SNAP households have different reporting requirements (PM 18-04-00) than SNAP households in Mid-Point Reporting status.
  • revised manual releaseSNAP households in Change Reporting are informed of their reporting requirements at initial application and REDE and are given the Reporting Changes - SNAP notice.
  • The SNAP household is also given SNAP Change Report Form to report changes and a non-postage paid return envelope with the applicable address when:
    • a case is newly approved;
    • a SNAP Change Report Form is returned by the client to the Family Community Resource Center;
    • a SNAP REDE is being done and they need a new form; or
    • the SNAP household requests the form.
  • revise manual textThe SNAP household should complete and return the SNAP Change Report Form to report changes within 10 calendar days of the date they learn about the change. For income-related changes, the date the first payment is received (as a result of the change) is considered as the date the client learned about the change. 
  • revised manual textThe Family Community Resource Center must act on changes reported by phone, in person, or in some other written manner, just like those reported on the SNAP Change Report Form within 10 calendar days of the date a change is reported or discovered, including information from computer generated reports if the information on the report is clear information PM 18-04-03.
  • revised manual textAn adjustment, if necessary, will be made when a change occurs to the number of persons in the SNAP household or to the household's benefit amount during the certification period.
  • revised manual textIf the SNAP benefit amount increases, decreases, or remains the same as a result of the reported change, the SNAP household will be notified of the effective payment month and amount of the change, if any.
  • revised manual textThe SNAP household is provided with a new SNAP Change Report Form and a non-postage paid return envelope each time a form is used to report a change to the Family Community Resource Center.

Changes Reported at REDE

  • For changes reported at the REDE, make the change starting with the first month of the new approval period, except for a revised manual textreported addition of a new member to the household.