WAG 18-03-11-f: GA

  1. Update Form 514 and Form 552 when the client reports a member of the benefit unit is:
    1. no longer present in the home, or
    2. no longer eligible.
  2. Notify Department staff person(s) who may be involved in the case of any deletion from the benefit unit.
  3. Complete and send Form 157 to the client. Note the removal of the person from the benefit unit and reduction or cancellation of benefits, where indicated.
  4. If the deletion of the person results in a change in payee name, follow the procedures in WAG 25-07-02. If the deleted person becomes the Representative Payee (RPY), follow the instructions in WAG 16-03-03.

    NOTE: When deleting a person from a GA-FCA case due to receipt of SSI, determine their eligibility for AABD Medical effective for the same month as the GA deletion. If income/assets exceed the standard, enroll the case for spenddown. 

    When determining AABD Medical eligibility, copy the application and required verifications from the GA case and use them in the AABD Medical case record. To register the AABD Medical application, see WAG 02-05-02; and for approval, see WAG 25-08-02-b

  5. Complete Form 552.
    1. Revise Items 15, 20, 22, 23, 29, 80, and 90 to reflect changes that occurred as a result of the deletion.
    2. Complete Items 60-74 - Line through the entries in each item for the person being deleted.