WAG 18-03-11-e: System Cancels Benefits or Deletes Person(s) (TANF, Assist)

  1. (System) Takes action for the month after the child reaches 18 or 19:
    • to change the status to medical only from TANF for a dependent child who is not in school (coded anything except 5 in Item 73) and who reaches age 18, by entering code 3 in Item 78 (see WAG 18-03-11-a).
    • to delete a child age 19 from a case if Form 552 coding does not indicate that the child is pregnant, disabled, or a minor parent (see WAG 18-03-11-b).
    • to cancel benefits for the family when the youngest child is age 19 and Form 552 coding does not indicate that anyone in the case is pregnant, aged, disabled, or a minor parent (see WAG 18-03-11-c).
  2. (System) Notifies caretaker relative of cancellation or deletion.
  3. (System) If the case receives FS via the same Form 552, add the deleted person(s) as a component member who does not receive benefits. The system does not adjust the FS income amounts.
  4. (FCRC) When the turnaround Form 552 is received, check to ensure the client is receiving the correct amount of FS benefits and that the food stamp components are correct.