PM 18-03-02: Adding Newborn for TANF - Non-Filing Unit

WAG 18-03-02

A written request is needed when a caretaker relative requests cash for a newborn who is not required to be in the case. When you have the newborn's last name, date of birth, and sex, add the newborn for medical only right away.

Send the client a written notice of approval or denial within revised text45 calendar days of the written request.

After verifications are received, the newborn is added effective:

  • with the date the written request was received, or
  • the first day of eligibility, whichever is later.

Process requests so that cash benefits are received within revised text45 calendar days from the date of receipt of a written request.

When the Family Community Resource Center receives a written request to add a newborn who is not required to be included in the case, determine medical eligibility for the 3 months before the month of the request.

If eligible, backdate medical coverage to the first day of the 3rd month prior to the month the written request is received (but not before the date of birth). The client does not have to verify medical need to backdate. Always begin medical coverage on the first day of the month the newborn is eligible for backdate. See PM 15-07-01 to backdate medical coverage. Do not backdate medical for any month before the month of birth.