WAG 18-03-01-c: Child Born to Adult-Only TANF Client

  1. deleted textUse Form 552 to add a child to the case (see WAG 25-07-09-a).
  2. Issue a Temporary MediPlan Card for the newborn from date of birth through expected date of centrally issued MediPlan Card (see WAG 15-07-00).
  3. Request necessary verifications from the client by sending Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721). In most cases, no other information is needed except proof of an application for an SSN. Form 2636, a hospital record of birth, or baby's birth certificate proves "living with" and relationship.
  4. Set a 30-day control for receipt of requested verifications.
  5. If the client doesn't return the necessary proofs by the end of 30-day period, enter 3 in Item 78 of Form 552 for the newborn and SWAP the case to Assist (see WAG 18-02-02).

When adding a child to an adult-only Medical case and SWAPPING to Cash:

  1. Complete the current Form 552 and add the child to the Medical case (see WAG 25-07-09-a).
  2. After the changes have been made to the Medical case, SWAP to cash. Enter a 6-digit date in Item 77 of Form 552. This date is to be the first day of the month of the SWAP action. The letter G in Item 28 is removed automatically.

When adding a child to a TANF case see WAG 25-07-09-a.