PM 17-03-04-d: Disposition Processed Between Day 31 and Day 60

WAG 17-03-04-d.

Process an application for which the disposition is delayed beyond the required timeframe based on who caused the delay. Dispose of the application as quickly as possible when the case file is complete.

Family Community Resource Center Caused Delay

Notify the SNAP unit when the application is not processed by the 30th day and the Family Community Resource Center caused the delay. The notice must say that the application is pending and a decision will be made within 60 calendar days from the application date. If the FS unit must take action to complete the application process, tell them what they must do.

For SNAP units determined eligible within 60 days, issue SNAP benefits for the fiscal month of application.

SNAP Unit Caused Delay

When the SNAP unit delayed the application process but completes it by the 30th day, start benefits from the application date.

Do not approve benefits for the fiscal month of application when the SNAP unit delays the application process and it cannot be completed by the 30th day.