WAG 17-03-04: SNAP Applications

PM 17-03-04.

Determine the cause of delay when the application can not be processed within the 30-day period. Then take immediate action to:

  • approve the application;
  • deny the application; or
  • pend the application.

Pending Lists

Pending SNAP application lists are available on the IPACS inquiry system. There are 2 separate lists available, one for new applications, and one for SNAP REDEs (see IPACS II Manual Chapter 300).

Pending lists contain what computer records show is pending for each office. Use of the pending lists along with the exception list is a valuable informational tool for FCRC management staff.

Format of Pending Lists

Pending lists are broken down into groups depending on how long the application has been pending in the system. Separate lists are provided to FCRCs of all applications pending from 0-15 days, from 16-22 days, from 23-29 days, and pending 30 days or more.

Use of Pending Lists

Use the pending lists as a guide to insure disposition of all SNAP applications within 30 days. Any application that appears on the list as pending more than 22 days requires immediate attention to insure that a disposition is made in a timely manner.