PM 17-03-03: Medical Applications

WAG 17-03-03

Issue temporary medical benefits when the timeframe for processing a medical only (Family Health Plans or AABD Medical) benefit application is not met by at least 15 days and DHS or HFS caused the delay. DHS or HFS caused the delay when:

  • the pending application exceeds the time standard to make a disposition; and
  • the FCRC or Central All Kids Unit has not met the court-ordered schedule of action contained in the Cohen decision (see WAG 17-03-03).

The court-ordered schedule of action also applies to an applicant whose case was registered as an application for cash and was changed to medical only. It does not apply to:

  • a person applying for TANF Cash or AABD Cash ;
  • text deleted
  • an applicant who does not meet citizenship or immigration status requirements and who may be eligible only for emergency medical; and
  • a case that was registered as a medical only application and is approved for cash before the time limit expires.