WAG 17-03-02: Delay Due to 3rd Party Verification (AABD, TANF)

PM 17-03-02

  1. (Client) Submits proof that they have requested all required verification from the 3rd party.
  2. (Intake) Grant a time extension to obtain missing 3rd party verification and inform applicant of the extension by use of a Notice of Extension of Time Limitation for Disposition of Application (Form 1952).
    • Complete Form 1952 in duplicate.
    • Mail original to the applicant.
    • Retain copy in case record.
  3. (Intake) Maintain a control for all applications which have been granted a time extension.
  4. (Intake) Deny the application on the 90th day from the date of application, if:
    • required information is not received within the extended time period; and
    • client has not contacted the Family Community Resource Center.
  5. (Intake) Approve the application, if:
    • verification is received before or on the 90th day; and
    • case is determined eligible.

      NOTE: In these situations, no compensatory payment is to be given to client. 

  6. (Intake) Send a Request for Specific Case Guidance (Form 2150) to the Bureau of Policy Development for instructions, if:
    • client contacts the Family Community Resource Center by the 90th day to report that the verification is not obtainable; and
    • Family Community Resource Center has failed in its efforts to secure the verification.