WAG 25-02-10-a: Income Screen


The Income Entry screen collects all earned and unearned income information to figure both the correct SNAP benefit amount and the TANF/AFDC payment level for the payment month chosen.

  1. Decide the correct budget months.
  2. Enter the income dates and amounts that fall within the beginning and ending dates of the budget months.

NOTE: Income for more than one budget month may be entered at the same time.

Enter one of the following codes to identify the correct program(s):

F - SNAP Only


B - Both TANF/AFDC and SNAP. NOTE: When B is used, the income codes and amounts used must be the same for both TANF/AFDC and SNAP. Make separate entries using F and G if the amounts are different.

These codes tell the system to carry the income information to the correct calculation screen(s).

An entry must be made in the column titled "Reported" if income codes 801, 802, 803, or 804 are entered. This entry tells the system if income deductions are allowed. Enter Y if the earned income was reported timely. Enter N if the income was not reported timely. See PM 08-01-03-a for the definition of timely reported income for TANF cases in Quarterly Reporting or AFDC cases in monthly or quarterly reporting. See PM 08-01-03-b for the definition of timely reported income for TANF cases not in quarterly reporting. See PM 18-04-00 for SNAP policy.

For a self-employed person, a student, or an ineligible SNAP unit member, figure the amount of nonexempt budgetable income. If the income is earned income, the system allows the earned income deduction, when appropriate.

Entry of income data is required for all SNAP calculations. Enter the following if the SNAP unit received no earned or unearned income in the budget month (EI = 0, UEI = 0, and PAG = 0):

  • Budget Income for - Name Payee
  • 552 Code - Income Code 535, Other Cash Income
  • Date Received - Any day within the budget month
  • Amount - 0.00

Entry of income data is not required for a calculation that results only from the difference in payment levels based on the number of persons in the case.

The Income Entry screen limits entry to one person and one type of income per screen. After entering the income information for the first person and first type of income:

  • press F12 to print the screen, then
  • press Return to add the income record to the system.

A 2nd blank Income Entry screen is displayed. Continue to enter the information until all income has been added if the person has more than one type of income, or if the case has more than one person receiving income. Press Return to return to the Menu.