WAG 17-01-04-b: Form 360

(FCRC) Complete and send the correct pages and section(s) of the Notice of Decision on Application For Cash, Medical and/or Food Stamps-Local (Form 360 series), for approved cash applications which do not meet the requirements for a central notice of decision (see WAG 26-02-01) and when a final decision is made on a PE case:

  • Always send the first page (Form 360D) and the appeals rights page (Form 360N) along with any section(s) which applies to the program(s) for which a determination has been made.
  • Always complete the following information on Form 360D:
    • Date of Notice (the date Form 360D is mailed),
    • Family Community Resource Center name, address, and telephone number, and
    • Date of application.

For TANF approvals, complete and send a TANF Cash Computation Form (Form 2383C), and if needed, a Supplement to Form 2383C, TANF Cash Computation (Form 2383B), with Form 360.

For AABD Cash approvals, complete and send an AABD/Food Stamp Computation (Form 4050), with Form 360.

If the Cash approval or denial is processed through IPACS, complete and send the correct pages and section(s) of Form 360.

NOTE: RRA Cash or RRA Medical approvals are always processed through IPACS, and require a Form 360.