PM 16-05-14: Stop Protective Payment

WAG 16-05-14.

If there is an SSI representative payment plan, stop the DHS protective payment plan when the SSI representative payment plan ends. Stop protective payment when the client appears able to manage money, or complies with an agreed upon payment plan for a utility debt, or complies with an agreed upon social service plan set up by a community agency and the child begins or resumes regular school attendance under the School Attendance Initiative, or when a guardian is legally appointed.

Stop a protective payment plan set up because of substance abuse when:

  • a protective payee is no longer needed to make sure the cash assistance payment is being used to meet the needs of the benefit unit; or
  • the former payee is not receiving substance abuse treatment and no longer requires treatment; or
  • the court appoints a conservator or guardian.

The decision to stop a protective payment plan may not be appealed.