PM 15-07-01: Backdating Medical Eligibility

WAG 15-07-01

Authorizing Medical for any or all of the 3 months prior to the month of application is called backdating. Always determine eligibility for backdating, and if eligible, backdate medical benefits for up to 3 months prior to application unless the client does not want backdating for a month(s). The first month that Medical can be backdated is the earliest consecutive month for which Medical eligibility exists.

If the client does not want backdating for an eligible month and the caseworker is aware of unpaid medical bills for that month:

  • advise the client of the possibility of backdating for payment of medical services,
  • that it is to the client's advantage to request backdating, and
  • that the client may be responsible for the full payment of unpaid back bills.

Allow the client to make the final decision on whether or not to backdate eligibility.