PM 15-06-03-b: Residence Change (AABD)

WAG 15-06-03-b.

When a client moves to or from an LTC or SLF, reevaluate income using the appropriate Income Standard.

When eligibility was determined using the Community Standard, and the client enters an LTC or SLF, switch to the appropriate LTC or SLF Standard. Use it to determine monthly income beginning with the first full calendar month of anticipated stay in the facility. For persons entering an LTC or SLF, use the Community Standard if the person was in the community for at least one day of the calendar month.

When an LTC or SLF resident returns to the community, use the Community Standard to determine eligibility if the client is in the community for any part of the month. For LTC or SLF clients who are hospitalized, continue to use the appropriate LTC or SLF Standard unless the client is released to the community.