WAG 15-06-02-a: Community Standard

PM 15-06-02-a.

At intake, AIS compares a client's countable income to the income standard and the client's assets to the asset limits for applicants living in the community.

  1. Use Form 2382A to compare the client's monthly income to the standard for active cases:
    • at the first application for Medical if the Automated Intake System (AIS) is down or inaccessible;
    • each time a REDE of financial eligibility for Medical is needed;
    • anytime there is a change affecting the amount of income or size of the family unit; and
    • for each client who is a resident of a long term care facility for less than an entire calendar month.
  2. Count the monthly income of all eligible persons in the household who are included in the standard. This includes:
    • the applicant/client;
    • persons who are responsible for the applicant/client; and
    • any child(ren) under age 18 of the applicant/client who live in the home that the applicant/client wants included in the income standard.
  3. Allow the recognized expenses of employment for the earned income of each person included (see PM 15-04-02).
    1. If the spouse, parent, or dependent child(ren) of a person applying for Medical:
      • is included in the income standard;
      • has earned income; and
      • is an applicant or client in another Family Health Plans or AABD Medical case;

        allow the wages disregards which apply to the category of medical benefits that the spouse or dependent child(ren) has applied for or receives. 

        Example: An applicant for AABD(B) Medical (Category 92) has a spouse who is employed and who is an active AABD(D) Medical (Category 93) client. When determining eligibility for the AABD(B) Medical case, allow the AABD(D) Medical wages disregards from the spouse's income. 

    2. To determine if the case is Spenddown, compare the total countable income to the appropriate income standard and compare nonexempt assets to the asset limits.
    3. When one family member receives SSI and another member applies for one of the Family Health Plans or AABD Medical, exclude SSI and apply the remaining total family income against the monthly income standard.
    4. Compare the combined monthly countable income of a husband and wife to the standard for 2 when either or both apply for Medical. It is not necessary to use the same 12 calendar month approval period for both cases.
    5. Enter the full amount of the monthly family spenddown on each Form 552 when both husband and wife are on Medical.
    6. Do not count the income of children not included in the standard toward spenddown.